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Title: Crossing knot+Overhand knot=a decent loop?
Post by: Luca on July 05, 2012, 09:51:13 PM
Hi to all,

Taking inspiration from some aspects of the speech that X1 is pursuing  in its this thread(X1,I deleted my  stupid post
there,excuse me again),

I tried to imagine a pattern for a loop, ,with no other restrictions, except that the knot should be purely a crossing knot form interlocked with an overhand knot form[which is a different speech from that of X1, and knots (which are very beautiful to me!,and certainly better than what I present, at least for the little that I can experience) that he presents there are the product of his speech];the best result (least bad) that I obtained is that of my poor  drawing.


Not a big deal, I guess, I've never seen, but I can imagine, given its simplicity, many person here, it may already tied (and rejected);so I decided to open this thread in the chit chat, rather than elsewhere, because I believe that,for any application,is reconised a loop  better than this,and did not seem appropriate to open a thread in another section of the Forum, just because I could not resist the temptation to propose that loop.
I do not have the opportunity to test the strength, tear resistance,the ease of untying after use,
I can only say that it seemed to me pretty neat, and maybe pretty secure that I dare to propose.
The loop starts just as a"anti-lapp knot based"Eskimo, to end  in such a way as to form the overhand.
the form and the relative simplicity of the knot allow  to make some variations in"bowline style";(Edit: But in facts this can be done with so many other loops ..)
for example, re-passing the tail through the crossing form, instead of closing the knot,
 it is possible to obtain two loops, or one can make a"double dragon" version of this loop,
and then close the knot as is done in the simplest form;
or, given the position of the tail, it can groped a closure similar to the Yosemite.
I hope that this will be of some interest to those who have never tied this loop.
If anyone should know or should have known that this loop has already been treated in this Forum, please let me know.

                                                                                                 All you are well!

Title: Re: Crossing knot+Overhand knot=a decent loop?
Post by: X1 on July 06, 2012, 02:31:23 AM
   At the standard Eskimo bowline, the second leg of the collar ( the tail of the bowline ), when it enters into the nipping loop for the second time, it can pass "above" the first leg ( variation a) or "below" the first leg (variation b). When it passes 'below", it is nipped very effectively, because, in this variation, the collar takes the form of a hitch : the one leg of this hitch ( the tail ) is squeezed in between the tip of the nipping loop and the other leg (the eye-leg-of-the-bight). Therefore, it is very likely that the overhand knot, in the loop presented in this thread, would have nothing more to offer, that has not been offered already by the hitch-like collar (of the variation b).
   Two similar Eskimo bowlines are shown at the attached pictures. The first is a  loop based on the Rusty s-ABoK#1450 bend (1), and the second is but a double collar Eskimo bowline where the working end passes through the nipping lop for a third time. It would be really interesting to compare them with the new loop.