Author Topic: Tying It All Together Triple Feature #6 (Three New Instructional Knot Videos!)  (Read 9827 times)


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Stitched Switchback Strap

The Stitched Switchback Strap is subtle yet innovative
way of adding a stitched line to middle of a Switchback
Strap. A couple of months in the making, the tie, like its
predecessor, makes for a great strap, handle, bracelet,
or necklace.


Snake Belly Bar

The Snake Belly Bar is the product of multiple Snake
Belly Knots, tied in series. Yet another innovative fusion
knot tie, the bar makes a great bracelet or strap. Knot
name by contest winner, marveljunkie08 (YouTube


Round Crown Sinnet

Despite its common name, the Round Crown Sinnet is
actually a cylinder. Still, don't let this tie's non sequitur
name stop you from enjoying its creation. Not only does
the Crown Sinnet lend itself well to a keychain fob, it also
makes a nice luggage marker and zipper grab.


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