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mifor's complex knot tutorials annotated
« on: August 06, 2012, 09:40:41 AM »
the complex knots from mifor's tutorial page annotated

双钱环(纽扣环)   double coin ring      carrick bend mat doubled
二回复翼盘长   2x2 pan chang/mystic with variant ears
心型盘长   heart shaped mystic knot   3x5+3x2   
移位心形盘长   hole hearted mystic knot
复翼磬结   stone chime/mystic variants   
盘长蝴蝶   pan chang/mystic bodied double coin/carrick bend winged butterfly   
套色盘长   tuck insertion pan chang/mystic   2x2 mystic opened up with a second colour inserted into the middle.
移位盘长   pan chang/mystic variants   the centre square is twisted and deformed to good effect.
水滴盘长   water drop pan chang/mystic   a hollow tear drop shape   
猫眼盘长   cat's eye pan chang/mystic   also hollow
盘长鱼   fish pan chang/mystic   fish shaped mystic knot.  since a mystic knot is a pocket, it can be stuff to puff out the fish for more dimensional fun.
套色移位盘长   pan chang/mystic insertion variations
盘长春      pan chang/mystic spring      the character for "spring" woven from a single unbroken mystic knot
三回复翼盘长   3x3 pan chang/mystic with concentric ear variation
心型挂坠   hollow heart with loop pan chang/mystic
双回菱盘长   linked intersecting hollow squares pan chang/mystic
梅花盘长   hollow plum blossom pan chang/mystic schematic      the plum blossom is a simple 5 petal flower, popular in China as the cherry blossom is popular in Japan
双胞胎复翼盘长   two solid intersecting squares pan chang/mystic
五福挂饰中盘长蝙蝠走线   bat shaped pan chang/mystic
减线盘长(一)   triaxial weave variant pan chang/mystic
减线盘长(二)   triaxial weave arch pan chang/mystic
盘长变化   schematic for a 2x2 pan chang/mystic variant where the ears around each corner are concentric instead of the usual wing type variant
三叶草   pan chang/mystic triquetra schematic
复双钱结   double coin sinnet   continuous carrick bend knot braid?
万字双攀缘蝴蝶   siamese twin sauvastika butterfly
团锦共用套蝴蝶   siamese twin round brocade/6 petal cloverleaf/hexagonal flower butterfly
Y型团锦共用套   'Y' shaped merged round brocade/6 petal cloverleaf/hexagonal flowers
心心相印   linked hollow intersecting hearts pan chang/mystic
二宝蝴蝶   2x5 bao with concentric ears and double coin/carrick bend butterfly wings
立体蝴蝶   interpenetrating 3 petal cloverleaf/triangular flower butterflies   Chinese knotworks are often mostly flat-ish.  not so this one
龟背结,龟   little turtle schematic.  the head is a crown sinnet segment
绶带变化结   doubled cross knot double coin/carrick bend butterfly
万字双攀缘   siamese sauvastika knots
双攀缘   siamese creeper knot butterfly
挂牌链   absolutely unique badge lanyard      sideways double connection sinnet, fancy 8 petal cloverleaf/octagonal flower ear variant and hollow heart pan chang/mystic with 4 petal cloverleaf/square flower detail!
五福双钱变化   ok, the translation on this one is "5 part fridge magnet" which is kind of an injustice.  My interpretation is 5 petal double coin mat with star heart variant.  It's a variant because the "vanilla" mat is a broken link, but I'm thinking mifor means this   Referencing further, the "basic" knot is a pentagonal variant of the ten accord knot, so named because it is a Ms. Chen thought it was a cruciform shape.  So if we really wanted to muddy the waters, we could call it the "star accord knot"  8)
酢浆变团锦   bicolour cloverleaf variants      a second colour is interlaced through a variety of cloverleaf knots, except in the first case, the second colour is basically a second cloverleaf knot that interpenetrates the first providing the second colour and overlapping ears.   
六瓣花发夹   this translates as "six flower hairpin".   As the cross knot is the first part of a 4 strand crown sinnet tied in one cord, this is basically a 6 strand crown ... net   
团锦变化胸针   6 three petal cloverleaf/triangular flower knots merged into a single knot with a a star (of david) heart
双冰花蝴蝶   ok, this is officially a "two ice flower combo".  There are links on the page for all the sub parts except for the 4 petal ice flower.
2*2连体冰花   2x2 grid of 4 petal ice flowers
4x4连体冰花   4x4 grid of 4 petal ice flowers
双冰花攀缘蝴蝶   broken link 8(      It's supposed to be a siamese ice flower butterfly
冰花V字组合   broken link again      It's supposed to be 'V' shaped ice flower combination
金盏菊挂饰   machine translates as "marigold" which is good, because otherwise it would be hexagonal plafond, two creeper knots merged with a 4 petal ice flower and merged twin orthogonal creeper knots thingie
太阳花小磬结   broken link      it is supposed to be a small chime sunflower knot.  so the sunflower knot is a variant of the ice flower knots.  I'm thinking this is the sunflower knots arranged in a stone chime shape like the purple one here
太阳花A,B应用   broken link      it is supposed to be sunflower A and B "application"...  I dunno, here's a big page of sunflower knot variants...
富贵回菱   broken link   particularly useless machine translation, but when I put the Chinese into google (with knot at the end) I get a picture from a vendor site
富贵十字磬结   broken link      something about double coins, cross knots and stone chimes, maybe   
几款冰花简图   the schematics for a host of ice flower projects including a few stone chime shaped ones.
套色冰花基础--有轴冰花   ice flower heart on carrier cords
花贴   "flower sticker"      this one is 8 ice flower hearts on carrier cords that form an 8 petal cloverleaf/octagonal flower knot to make a complicated flower... pin I guess
马蹄莲   calla lily petals made from a square woven mat that I should know the name of, but it's not coming to mind at the moment.
玫瑰花   a rose assembled from a button knot, a carrick mat, and pentagonal and hexagonal variants of the carrick mat (turks heads?)
一线鼠   a zodiac rat made from the 3 petal cloverleaf/triangular flower, a double connection/two strand matthew walker, and a round turn
女娃娃   a doll's skirt made from a turks head of some kind.  no instructions here, just text and measurements
迷你相框   "Heart-shaped mini photo frame production process"
花箍结      5B4L turks head?
菠萝      a more literal pineapple knot made of a turks head of some kind and leaves that are sadly indistinct despite being step by step process photos.  that or my eyes and brain are tired.  8)
亲亲小花篮   flat woven flower basket
花框边圈编法   "flower box edge"   make 4 larks heads around a hoop and take their loop protrusions, weave them together just so and run an extra cord through to hold them, edging.
菊花   larks head sinnet chrysanthemum
小青   overview of making a snake with a pan chang/mystic head and phoenix tail body
杯垫   "coaster"   5 side-joined double coin/carrick bend knots ring/mat
小球走线图   "two ball alignment in figure"   clearly these are globe knots.  is there enough here to actually execute these knots, dunno til one tries...
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