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Half Hitch Mat/Bowl
« on: December 07, 2015, 02:08:02 PM »
half hitch mat/bowl
Finished mat on left.  Edges can be folded up to make bowl shape on right.

The mat is made in six stages.  In the first three stages you will make half hitches without any interweaving. In the next stages begin interweaving before tying the half hitch.  The last stage is shown in two parts (interweaving and making half hitch).
   The standing End is at top center.  The Working End Is making the hitches.  I used 10' of cord in the tutorial which was sufficient to show the layout.  After forming the last half hitch you are in position to begin the SLOW process of doubling the knot

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Re: Half Hitch Mat/Bowl
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A bowl for knotted goodies or ornaments.
Could be varnished to stiffen it up.

Thank you for this tutorial !