Author Topic: Bosun's Whistle Expansion Knot Tutorial  (Read 4686 times)


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Bosun's Whistle Expansion Knot Tutorial
« on: March 27, 2016, 05:20:12 PM »

This tutorial is based on the tutotial found in the Decenber 2015 issue of Knottting Matters, publication of the Internationad Guild of Knot Tyers.  I usually use the ring and middle fingers of my left hand instead of the dowel shown.
Bring the two ends around as shown

Bring the right hand end to left and down as shown and bring the other end to theright, up and to the left Over 2, Under 1 and over

Bring the left hand strand Over 2, Under 1

Bring that same end Over 1 and Under the strand that goes around the dowel

Bring the other strand Over 1 and Under the strand going around the dowel

I find it easier to tighten the knot as much as possible before taking it off the dowel (fingers) bring the ends as shown

To double bring each end parallel to the strand coming fron the loop as shown, follow that stand around and down through the middle of the knot at the obvious point.


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Re: Bosun's Whistle Expansion Knot Tutorial
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This is one knot I am going to learn. Thanks a lot!


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