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Basics: HH's
« on: July 20, 2011, 02:42:59 PM »
Many of us separately and collectively seek how to better present and decode knot secrets and relation ships; for others (and ourselves).

To me, Flash w/vectorized (rather than raster) graphics offer several addvantages to these targets.
Raster (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png etc.) graphics are put on screen from pixel by pixel definitions, thus the file sizes.  Some have algorithms to make smaller file size.  There are tradeoffs to these, like loss of detail and quirks (like .gif is 'horizontal' algorithm, so states go 50 white across on this row, then green for 20, rather than defining each pixel; but then horizontal stripes are smaller file size than vertical..).  There are some .gif etc. animations, but just freeze frames, that all need defined as such, each adding to file size.  File size is important for transfer, downloading etc.

Vectorized drawings, place images on screen by mathematical position, length etc.  So can mostly have smaller size.  But, than as go to change, animate etc., add a few lines of code, not redefine whole screen.  Also, Flash can reuse assets/drawing part later, not have to redefine all of screen..  This, can evolve to much smaller file size.  the tradeoff is that the computer running the file, has to calculate the positions, not just read and throw to screen without 'thought'.  Also, transparencies/ fades to reveal aren't native to some of raster graphic  forms.

This .swf on Basic Half Hitch forms presents a number of lacings, animated, fades, text etc. yet is under 40k.  40k size is about what one might see on a single knot pic.

i always envisioned this in a book form, like animation on left page, and text on right facing page:

Tying wise, i think this medium allows to easier show similari-ties between lacings.  This can make a 'family' of knots easier to remember.  If there are 5 destinations in a neighboring city, one wouldn't define each as a separate trip, but rather perhaps direct to town square facing specific direction,and go 3 blocks to coffee shop, take a left and go 4 blocks to library, go back to town center and take right instead to go to food store etc. i think.  Also, can see subtle differences,and associate the changes in properties gained/lost etc. for deeper understandings IMLHO.


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Re: Basics: HH's
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2011, 08:01:31 PM »
I was trying to recall some of the reasons that people dislike Flash (and other Adobe products).  I brought up another browser and I got nothing when I clicked on the .swf webpage.  It probably requires the latest "plug in".  That's enough for many people to just skip the hassle and go to a more standard website.
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Re: Basics: HH's
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2011, 12:17:49 AM »
As far as Flash, i consider it able to be claimed as a ubiquitous, cross platform solution; with fuller saturation than even ie6 had; without quite the same security holes.

Am working better explanations/ perhaps could use help on that; main focus here was the graphics, explanations as place holders etc.   Actually, imagine main text on Left page, and Flash animation on right facing page, with just some text for labels etc.

But am looking for rich graphics, that the medium provides, ability to animate, fade etc. 

The book is actually a freebie that you can buy, and then program your own data to the pages.  Was sampling some Flash, jpegs, pdf etc. on the pages.  i changed the parchment from what they had, to 1 i found that i turned sideways, and then paired pages (1 flipped) to even perhaps provide kinda skull watermark to suit possible nautical slant.

Thanx for insights!


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Re: Basics: HH's
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2011, 06:07:15 PM »
Flash is bad for many reasons relating to standards (and nothing to do with how easy it is to make the viewer's eyes bleed  ;D
1) it's not a standard, it's an Adobe product and is not supported by many browsers or platforms (eg. iPad/iPhone)
2) it's not spiderable, so your world's biggest blind consumer of web material, the search engines can't index it
3) similarly it has accessibility issues for its content

they have tried to address some of the problems, like the accessibility, but most Flash developers don't go through the extra hoops fix their end product

4) a new standard that can functionally replace Flash has been developed: HTML5.  Being a standard means that all browser developers must work with it in all their future releases.  So, if you're starting a new project now you're much better off learning HTML5/Canvas