Author Topic: ABoK 1408, 1409 & what it means for the Ashley Bend  (Read 18679 times)


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Re: ABoK 1408, 1409 & what it means for the Ashley Bend
« Reply #30 on: July 12, 2010, 08:53:05 PM »
I'll just say that I've done the shaking, and see nothing remarkably
insecure about #1409 more than various other non-jammed knots;
and the security-under-load test is just what goes to the Ashley
likening to the WhatNot, which pretty quickly/surely rolls and
My own security tests of the 1409 have noted marked degradation of security versus the look-alike Ashley Bend varying by rope type.  Yes, I know this is an adjective based report, but I'm not going to produce a treatise on this with photos, machinery, charts, etc.  I've also updated my first post to note another 1409 single-pull roll-out condition with twisted polypropylene under hand loading.  It badly destroyed part of the rope's twist.

The overall lesson is that if you want to use the 1409, you'd at least better hope that your rope isn't too elastic, too slick, or too... who knows what.  It's not very reasssuring.
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