Author Topic: Tying It All Together Triple Feature #4 (Three New Instructional Knot Videos!)  (Read 9896 times)


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The Trilobite Bar is a great way to make a band for a watch,
a bracelet, or a thick strap for a gun or bag.

Although the bar can just as easily be tied with one color (as
shown in my Trilobite Knot video), I show how to tie a two
color version of the tie here.

Video Link:

The web shows a variety of ways to make a four strand
round braid. In short, I found all of them utterly confusing.

So I studied the tie and came up with the following. Sigh of
relief...this method is a whole lot easier!

Video Link:

The Snakeskin Bar is a fusion modification of the Snake

In short, tucking the working ends back through the middle
of the weave (in a special way) creates an expandable and
retractable bar.

Video Link:

Hope you enjoy,

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Really like the Snakeskin bar, done right, I think it could make an interesting belt or sash.