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sauvastika how to
« on: October 05, 2010, 09:33:24 PM »

Two (count 'em, two!) methods for tying the sauvastika/agemaki/true lover's knot and an extensive analysis of the name and translations from various languages to English.

Also, a suggestion for a new neutral English name for the knot.  How does two strand slipped emerald knot sound?

I have tied a three strand slipped emerald knots as a proof of concept, but since it won't lay flat for my scanner, I need to use other methods for photographing it.  I've also tied a variety of the knots from a list made by a cursory inspection of ABOK for the "similar knot" section as follows:
2289 3l8b th with extended bights
2290 Tom fool's knot
2292 handcuff knot
2295, 1167 masthead knot
2297, 1162 sheepshank with 3 hitches
2298, 1165 sheepshank with 4 hitches
2301 true lover's knot. Sauvastika
2302 false lover's knot
2303 a dissimilar knot tied with 2 overhand knots, which do not interlock
2304 a knot of 2 loops
2305 another forked loop
2309 a knot closely related to 2303
754, 745, 742 emerald knot-multistrand

that need to be scanned an processed.  if you have any more to add, please do.

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