Author Topic: Make A Crab Dip Net - 4 part video  (Read 11529 times)


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Make A Crab Dip Net - 4 part video
« on: May 18, 2009, 02:30:17 PM »
30 years or so ago I met a crab net maker in Maryland.  He used a jig just like the gentleman in this video.  THe video shows the making of a crab dip net.  The making of the jig is shown in part 4.  
   It is interesting that people have come up with different ways of making a net.  It would not be practical to make a hammock using such a device.  However for the net shown it is an ideal method.
   His explanation making of the sheet bend is clear.  The knot used to go from one level to the next is nice.  The method used to attach the net to the frame can be used with fishing nets as well  
   Enjoy all four parts of this video.
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Re: Make A Crab Dip Net - 4 part video
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I find it interesting that almost all nets use the sheet bend. Probably because it's the simplest knot that will do the job.