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10 New Knot Instructions by JD of Tying It All Together!
« on: March 06, 2011, 02:19:52 AM »

1. Double-Stitched Switchback Strap

The Double-Stitched Switchback Strap is the logical
extension of the Stitched Switchback Strap. And, with
the addition of a second cord, its now possible to add
a second color, as the following video shows.


2. Thorn Branch Sinnet

The Thorn Branch Sinnet is the fusion of the Zipper
Sinnet and the Caterpillar Sinnet (also called a Chain
Sinnet). Yet another example of the myriad of designs
fusion knotting can create, the sinnet makes a great
"finger grip-able" strap or a stylish bracelet.


3. Paracord Acorn Baskets

The Paracord Acorn Basket is the fusion of three
different tying techniques, the Crown Knot, a
4-Strand Diamond Knot, and a conventional basket
weaving technique. As with most construction
projects the foundation is most important, so do your
best to make that firm. From their on out, its over
and under weaving until the basket top is locked.


4. Olias Knot

The Olias Knot was inspired by the symbol shown
on the cover art of Jon Anderson's progressive rock
concept album, Olias of Sunhillow. The symbol and
the knot represent the unity between the earthly and
the divine.


5. Ripcord Sinnet Bracelet

The Ripcord Sinnet Bracelet is my response to the
desire for a paracord bracelet that can be untied
quickly and easily for emergency use. The bracelet
shown in the video provides the use of 12 feet of
paracord, from bracelet to single strand, in less that
five seconds! Not sure why anyone would need to
use a strip of paracord that fast, still you asked for it.
So I made it so. *smile*


6. Bug Belly Bar

The Bug Belly Bar is the fusion of the Bug Belly
Weave and an over-under weaving technique (see
"Decorative Fusion Knots" for details). Combined,
these two tying techniques create a clean looking
piece that looks a whole lot like the belly of a bug
?thus the tie's name.


7. Fractal Sinnet

The Fractal Sinnet is the fusion of the Zipper
Sinnet and the Thorn Branch (TB) Sinnet "Elbow"
technique. Combined, these two knot components
merge to create an innovative tie that is stylistically
greater in appeal than the sum of its parts. Not only
integral in the creation of the fractal pattern shown
in the video, the TB "Elbow" is also a slick way to
make simple bends in an otherwise linear Zipper


8. Fusion Knot Necklace

The Fusion Knot Necklace is the integration of three
knot components, the Double-Double Coin Knot, the
Zipper Sinnet, and the Overhand Knot. All three of
these components are presented in my new book
'Decorative Fusion Knots', still here I provide one of
the many possibilities for integrating these three
techniques. My hope is to inspire even more knotting
combinations and ideas of your own.


9. Snake Knot Bracelet

The Snake Knot Bracelet incorporates an innovative
use of the Crown Knot. Strategically united these two
seemingly different knots come together to create a
clean looking bracelet that can be rolled on?avoiding
the need for snaps or fasteners.


10. Rune Stone Knot

Rune Stone Knots are more so an innovative tying
technique than anything else. Still, the knot makes an
excellent addition to a cord you seek to gift as a necklace.
And the coolest part of the necklace created is that it, and
its Rune Stone Knot medallion, were both created with
one strip of rope or cord.



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