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Re: REVISED: Fancywork Supplies and Recommendations [29-12-2012]
« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2022, 01:56:47 AM »
australia  🇦🇺
international rope braid

polyester and nylon braided cord
manufactured in qld, from imported yarns
range of sizes from 1mm,
range of basic colours,
custom / blended covers,
black or white leech line,
lead time about a month,
but vb venetian blind / hoochie cord is on the shelf, available straight away.

100m reels
100m increments, to 1000m
(or, cut lengths: a surcharge applies)

the quality is noticeable when the cord is heated or flamed -
barely any fumes, and any fumes are mild.

shrinking in hot water is negligible,
<1% according to my measurements,
and even then, can be gently pulled - talking smidges here - back into original length.

addition, january 2023:
i mostly use 3mm polyester cover.
it's catalogue code is FLT, for 'flat',
but it's just hollow, and not really strap flat.
i have ventured into 2mm flat,
 - there's no 2.5mm in the range -
and it really is flat;
not ideal for me;
it's hollow, but the shape really has flattened out,
maybe from the tension during braiding ?...
0.5mm increments are available in venetian blind cord,
which has core and it round section enough.
buying from manufacturers requires a business account to be set up

addition feb 2023:
what's good about the info on the irbpty website
is that colour fastness is indicated on the colours that will fade; that is,
purple and fluoro green;
probably won't fade much indoors, it for a long (?decade) time
but good to know !
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Re: REVISED: Fancywork Supplies and Recommendations [29-12-2012]
« Reply #16 on: October 03, 2022, 05:40:32 PM »
Doing a Google search, I ran across this: Belfast Cord. From the page: "Belfast Cord by the Boatswain's Mate store. Made just like the cord made by Plymouth Cordage with P.C.Herwing of NY that was their distributor to Gemsco and the Navy Exchange used to sell back in the 1970's. This line is .8mm Z or RH laid cotton line starched (not 500 or paracord) on a single spool with cuts or breaks. Each spool is 500 ft of line. Each spool weighs about 6 ounces." The cord is available in white or black.


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Re: REVISED: Fancywork Supplies and Recommendations [29-12-2012]
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