Author Topic: Another Free Resource for Pics, tutes etc.  (Read 7601 times)


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Another Free Resource for Pics, tutes etc.
« on: March 06, 2009, 07:45:45 PM »
If all of the uploaded pics are stored here; i think we should let the authors tap into that to handle, present grouped assemblies of their works.  They cold comment, link to discussed thread, make like a powerpoint or slideshow of pix of theirs in any order, with captions.  Then, before it could be accessed by others, it would have to be posted and approved or something.  Sometimes we go over the same stuff, sometimes there is even an evolution to those theories, and better ways to express, different pix etc.  Some web album sites like photobucket etc. give this as free service, but seems like it would be most valuable as a guild database.

When i think of this particular part of the forum here, i think of it as 'New Age'of knots such as  computing,raw theory, presentation etc.  There are threads on board about gathering info from other places, indexing ABoK, having a tutorial section etc.  What if we simply allowed (serious) members to access their contributed fotos, and group into slide shows etc.  i don't think it would take that much more space, for if we had 5 different slideshows that used same pic. we'd only have 1 copy of the pic(which is the larger part of the deal), and  use xml/ mySql etc. to just point to the fotos.  This would allow tutorials that we speak of presently, but also allow the 'mining' out of already present, buried gold (that might about form a tutorial themselves when assembled together!  Many people here are insanely good in different things, and overtime deliver a wealth of info on those topics, that could be assembled to make more sense by their comprehensiveness, continuity, offering different angles to see the same problem etc.  And a lot of it might be stuff we don't have to leave the 'building' to find!  This goes along with the ABoK project, and not linking someone out of here, for a pic of referenced ABoK lacing.

Also, as people build more over time, just the assembly of stuff of their own making could tend to draw them out more to keep going; as well as form their own personal library and backup of their worx.  But, i think this could be a strategic and helpful move on the guild's part.  Maybe members with so many posts could even have a 'home page' here of the usual stats, but also lynx to their pix, libraries, slideshows etc. (like all their pineapple knot pix together or in slide show etc.).