Author Topic: A noose-like hitch that can be untied after hard strain  (Read 52831 times)


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Re: A noose-like hitch that can be untied after hard strain
« Reply #60 on: March 30, 2015, 07:50:42 PM »
After reading about this hitch on Roo's site, I've been enjoying its simple beauty.

As an aside, has anyone seen this in any knot publication?

I haven't, but what prompted me to post is that an elderly Swiss gentleman showed me this hitch a couple days ago. He had asked me to show him how to tie a truckie after he'd seen me fasten some heavy doors we picked up. I told him he could start by tying the line with any hitch. He didn't know the bowline, but what he tied was the gnat hitch! Wondering if that's sheer luck (as he doesn't seem to know many knots) or something he learned somewhere. Will ask him next time I see him.

Edit: the Swiss gentleman said he didn't learn the knot from anyone, he just came up with it. For a moment I was wondering if it was something they teach you at military training in Switzerland? The gnat hitch would certainly fit? but no.
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