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New Turkshead Book by Ron Edwards
« on: July 23, 2006, 08:13:56 PM »
I just got my latest shipment of books from Australia and I got 10 copies of Ron Edwards new book in there.

 ADVANCED LEATHERWORK Volume 2: Round Knots and Braids.

It’s 250 pages of very well drawn illustrations  and instructions broken down as follows.

Gaoucho Knots pages 10 through 51

Coloured Knots (different styles and interweaves) Pages 52 through 130.

Herringbone and other patterns Pages 131 through 206

Turksheads Pages 207 through 246

And then a very good index for reference that takes you right to the page of the knot style you are looking for.

I think that with Tom Halls Intro To Turkshead Knots and this Book you will have a turkshead info arsenal.  Just wanted to let you know about the new knot book out there.

Bushcraft 10 is pretty good also but it's not just about knots but thats a new one also.