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April Knot Hangout?
« on: April 06, 2013, 12:19:53 AM »
So, I posted 3 weeks back on KHWW and then was struck by a massive wave of apathy.  It's now the Friday before the first Sunday of the month.  Is anyone game for trying this a second time?

OK, I've been doing some testing and such and I think I've ironed out the technical side of things, so now it's just a question of scheduling.

I'm starting the discussion here, because we have a few more possible participants here and then I'll copy things over to the IGKT forum so they can weigh in.

I'm going to suggest April 6, Saturday 11PM PDT which gives
11PM for Lazy Bear
12am for Terry.
6am Sunday for Barry
2pm Sunday for Mao

KnotMe wrote:
Suggested topics (I'll put up a poll if we get any response or other suggestions) of
(1) making a teaching display, basic knots they should know
(2) making "high tech" knots. What does that mean to you?