Author Topic: Simplified Tying Method for Sailor's Hitch  (Read 3692 times)


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Simplified Tying Method for Sailor's Hitch
« on: October 09, 2013, 06:28:22 PM »
This knot is my favorite anchor hitch, binding knot (i.e. as a Corned Beef knot) and slide-and-grip knot.

It is tighter gripping than a buntline, IMO, and is definitely easier to untie.

I never tie it directly to the pole/ring/hook but rather to its own standing part instead (as you would a Buntline hitch).

** A big thank you to Roo for introducing me to this knot at his site here:

And thanks to Derek Smith and Dave Root for the fun free knot maker program here:


Simply throw (or twirl) the working end around the standing part twice.

Now bring the working end back up through the space between the 2 legs and tuck it through the first standing part of the rope after the first crossing.

This knot will pretty much dress itself as you pull on the standing part to tighten. You can pull on the working end SLIGHTLY to help the dressing, but don't pull the working end too tightly or you'll end up with a fixed loop instead. (That fixed loop is not very secure, imo. It's prone to slip back into a noose...)

Tying as a gripping hitch:

Throw (or twirl) the working end around the standing part a bunch of times and then continue tying it normally from there.



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Re: Simplified Tying Method for Sailor's Hitch
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 02:36:35 AM »
Hi NotSure,

Just for the record I enclose a diagram(copied from one of yours) showing the similarities between the hitch that you show us,and ABoK #1231, which is a partial reversal of this hitch;I do not know which is better between the two!(both, even for the simplest version,seem to have some potential as gripping hitches)
I attach also a diagram of your hitch that attempts to represent a hypothesis of as perhaps can be set(perhaps for a good gripping ability without bending the standing part (but maybe can be a good idea in some situations!), let us know if it(loosely)looks like as you make or not!


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Re: Simplified Tying Method for Sailor's Hitch
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2013, 06:00:54 PM »
Good find Luca!

I had wondered if the sailor's hitch (the 'tied to it's own standing part' version) was in ABoK or not and this is it!! :)  Oh, and you don't have to bend the standing part. I just drew it that way to make it extra clear of where to insert the tail.

Now I see that other people are calling this knot a "Grapple Hitch" and are using it like an adjustable Gripping Sailor's Hitch only without the extra turns and loading it from the wrong direction. It's no wonder many people have dismissed this knot as slipping too easily, myself included (when initially trying it out for that purpose, long ago).

Previously, I had experimented tying this hitch forward facing and reverse facing to the hitching ring or binding object and determined, imo, that tying it the way I depicted above made it easier to untie after loading.

Also, I feel I may have overstated the title "simplified tying method" in my first post, as it really is the same way as roo's website depicts, just from a different perspective I suppose. Well, it makes it clearer in my mind anyway.

It's encouraging to see that Mr. Ashley himself wrote nice things about this knot.

Thanks Luca!
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