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I am an aspiring knot tyer with little experience.  I do have an extremely small clientele who buys my limited skills when needed.  We live aboard, and a neighbor of ours handed me this Fid-O that was aboard his boat when he bought it, wondering if I knew, and I am at an impasse.  When I looked online for answers I saw a question from an IGKT member asking if anyone had one.  It's not mine to give or sell, but I sure wish someone would enlighten me as to how to use it.  I would appreciate any feedback anyone might have; I thank you in advance.


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Re: Fid-O
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Hello AnaDilia and welcome.

First off, to answer your question, Fid-O is a plastic spike used to splice rope. Generally used to make eyes at the ends of laid rope. The tool aids threading the individual strand(s) through the lay of the still twisted part as you do an eye-splice.
To the best my of knowledge the company is defunct.
You can browser search "fid-o splicing tool" and you may get lucky, but probably not very. , Hope it works!

I personally would love to see your aspired knotwork please. We have a section for decorative knotting and a thread called "Post your work" that is calling out to you.

I hope this info helped.

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Re: Fid-O
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The Fid-O makes splicing stranded rope a lot easier for the occasional splicer like me. 
1.  Insert the spade point down along the lay.  After it is under about an inch or more push the end of the handle down to bring the point up.
2.  With your palm force the Fid-O in all the way.
3.  Pull away the point of the Fid-O leaving the hollow end of the handle.
4.  Tuck  the appropriate strand of the rope you are splicing through the handle.
5.  Remove the handle and proceed to the next strand.