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Subject: Sending & Receiving Personal Messages

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This post is addressed to all Forum members both present and future.  Personal Messages (PMs) are a means to enable communication between Forum members without having to disclose personal details such as email addresses. There are times when a member will wish to seek clarification, an opinion or simply some advice or information from another member without going public. As such PMs should always be treated as confidential by the recipient(s) and never quoted in Forum posts. If the originator of a PM wishes to post the same or similar text into a discussion then this should be by either simple copy and paste or by retyping the material; it is then up to the recipient(s) of the original PM to post a public response if they wish. It is NOT acceptable to avoid using the Quote function by saying  "I sent a PM to [so and so] saying.....".

If members cannot rely on their PMs being kept confidential then the system falls into disrepute and everyone suffers so please have regard to the above.

Thank you.

David R:

--- Quote from: WebAdmin on September 03, 2013, 06:59:22 AM ---It is NOT acceptable to avoid using the Quote function by saying  "I sent a PM to [so and so] saying.....".

--- End quote ---

I was with you until this sentence. Can you please clarify?


The "Quote" function is available for all posts including PMs. This allows you to select some or all text from a post or PM which will then appear in a quote box and you can comment on it. However this function should not be used to give a direct quote from a PM in an open Forum post as by its nature the PM is intended to be part of a private conversation.  It would be unacceptable to circumvent the "Quote" function by simply retyping the material to be quoted from a PM and this was the point of the original note.

Hope this helps.


David R:
Thank you. Got it...

David R:
Well, it seems that I'm "not allowed to send personal messages." I'm guessing that's a result of my having only just started participating, but I couldn't find anything that explains this in the help system. How do I earn permission to send PMs? Is it just a matter of time, or is there something I must do to prove myself trustworthy?

Your feedback would be appreciated,


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