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All Hail the half-hitch
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:41:14 PM »
It is very presumptuous of me, a rookie seeing sophisticated knots for the
first time and here among the many impressive knot scientists to say
that the  "half hitch" is king.    The reason is  I have done everything I have
ever needed in construction, boating, and logging environments with it
except for the creating of mid line loops.  I have alway had to cut them out
because I did overhand knots in the bight and they cannot be untied in
the middle of the line.    I guess I should have been a boy scout.

I never did any rope climbing thankfully as the half hitch would not have
done if for me there.

Perhaps what I should say is simplicity is king and for most people
that live their lives without being exposed to rope science,  (like myself
until now)  a half hitch is about all you can know or remember.
My use of the half hitch alone has earned me the reputation as
rope genius when it comes to tying down loads in pickup trucks etc.
I am here to confirm that when you tension a load and put about
two dozen half hitches in it and pull the last three or four together
tightly, topped with a granny ( is that an overhand?) knot..... that
whole tie-down is not coming undone.

Thusly I think the FIRST knot taught ( other than shoe lace knots ) should
be the half hitch because it is the most simple and thusly most likely to be
remembered.     It is hard I know for rope scientists view the world of
knots from the perspective of an empty slate because they already know
so much sophisticated stuff about knots.   

Having recently been exposed to the dozens and hundreds of high
pedigree knots on the internet, it would be the half-hitch that I would
send my grandmother alone into the woods with in a survival situation
because it is basically all I have used for my whole life.

In the world of advanced mathematics, I think counting from 1 to 10
is like the half hitch in the world of knots in a way.