Author Topic: Hummingbird feeders and knots.  (Read 2329 times)


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Hummingbird feeders and knots.
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:04:21 PM »
I like to make ingenious little hummingbird feeders out of stuff from the rubbish bin. Let's see if a newbie like me can post a photo or two.
   File too large. poo.
   Oh well, a hummingbird feeder can be slung using a barrel knot and a couple of interlaced nooses. Turks heads make nice hangers, but are hardly worth the trouble. Perches can be made using utility wire tied in a button knot, and the part for the birds feet set off with a twist.
   The advantage here is that this stuff is cheap, and will keep you busy tying instead of looking at a rope catalog! Your spouse will be grateful!