Author Topic: Nipping structures based on climbing friction hitches.  (Read 2268 times)


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Nipping structures based on climbing friction hitches.
« on: July 14, 2015, 01:56:23 PM »
  I had claimed that climbers are knot users, so poor knot tyers, but I had NOT claimed that they are no-knot-tyers at all !  :)
  In particular, I think that Alpineer s idea, at least as far as I am able to understand it, is very interesting :
  Utilize a climbing friction hitch as the "nipping structure"
( the knot tied on the Standing Part before the eye ) of a secure bowline - in place of the single nipping loop of the common ( Standard or "Eskimo") bowline.

   His "Tresse" series of bowlines are inspired by the Valdotain Tress hitch ( VT) used by arborists (3).   
   I do not know enough things about the various climbing friction hitches ( and I had NEVER used one...), so I can not evaluate which of all those knots is more suitable to do this job. I had seen that the recently presented "coiled S.Part" Tresse bowline, where the oblique element connecting the first and the last wraps runs outside the helical "nipping tube", is a fine knot (1) - but only because, almost by accident, and while I was hunting something else, I had met the multi-coil Clove hitch (2).
   Who knows what one can do, if he uses another gripping hitch... The interested reader may start from a blind imitation of one climbing hitch (4), and then proceed further, and simplify it as much as possible ( because he always can : climbing hitches involve elements which are needed only in the case of a slide-and-grip self-locking knot ).
   Having said that, I also want to repeat that a decent secure bowline, IMHO, should involve a double "collar structure" as well. If, for such a structure, we can also utilize elements coming from the field of climbing friction hitches, is something we should examine further. For my part, I had only attempted to add a rat-tail-stopper-like cross-gartered (braided) double collar, on "top" of a common bowline (5).

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This is not a knot.