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Side-button knot tutorial
« on: September 25, 2016, 12:28:05 AM »
side-button knot tutorial

This tutorial uses a 4 lead, 5 bight TH as a base.  You can make it greater in diameter by adding extra over, under tucks at the beginning and then complete the base following the pattern described.
I added one extra over, under tuck in the first step to get a 4 lead, 9 bight base to make this bracelet.

The Bruce Grant in "How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear" calls the knot the "Side-Button".  I used a different way to make the base but followed his method of doing the interweave.

Bring cord around mandrel over, under.

Continue over and under standing line.

Under, over.

Over, under

Over standing part and under, over, under

Over, under, over

Parallel to standing line
Under, over, under

Over two, under, under

Under two, over, under

Over two, under two, over.

Under two, over two, under.

Over two, under two, over two.

Under two, over two, under two.

Over two, under two, over two

Ready to double if desired.  The side-button knot is quite handsome without being doubled.

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