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Ouroboros Loop
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:36:30 PM »
The Ouroboros Loop

What an impressive poetic name, this thing must be a Bowline? It is not, sorry, there is no collar proper! But it is TIB!

Ouroboros, the snake eating his own tail, living in ancient Egypt and Greece, then becoming a symbol of eternity, a horizontal figure 8.
This figure 8 appears in the pattern of the returning leg of the eye entering the nub a first time, embracing both legs of the eye (yes an eye with legs! why not? I have seen a lion with a human's torso  ::)) and returning into the nub.

My search on crossing knot nipping structure did not show (for now) a loop like this one. So Ouroboros Loop for the time being.

I think this loop will resist jamming, simply put; the center part flex easily, both legs of the eye (again!) can be set free at once.

You can detect in my poor writing that for me a loop means the whole thing, and the eye is a part of the whole thing. As long as everybody understands. But things can change.
I can argue that an eye knot must be TIB, and EEL.
Best example the Butterfly # 1053.
After all the contour of the eye is close.
So for me calling a loop an eye knot would mean that the thing is almost impossible to pry open. Plus ultra resistant to ring loading.
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Re: Ouroboros Loop
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Yes I took me some time but I think I found something almost similar to Ouroboros.

Look at reply 8 and 9 of this thread