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Unconventional eye knot.
« on: January 26, 2021, 12:13:26 AM »
Hi All,
         This is a very weir and unconventional eye knot, it look like bowline, but is not bowline. I just call it False Bowline for now.
Have a quick test with 1/4" solid braild nylon rope, tie the False Bowline on both end of the rope, one side of the eye knot dress it little tighter then normaly do to dress a knot and the other side dress it fairly loose.
I load it with extrem load just before it rupture, I found no any slip on the tails, due to the counter force action, the helical form nipping loop nipping very well on the nub, and holding very well, it does open up quiet a bit, and it wouldn't able to straiten straighten the helical. after release from the rig, I found it maintain quite compact form, and easy to untie. not sure how it will reacte on stiffer rope, I think it worth to make some videos to testing this eye knot.
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Re: Unconventional eye knot.
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2021, 06:50:08 PM »
Many thanks for your offering, it certainly is an unconventional and exceptional way of stabilising a nipping loop,  plus, i think it worths broadening the testing field, by including human rated EN stiffer ropes.

On the face of it, it seems like a diminishing nipping action of the nipping loop, - in contrast to its conventional vice function that firmly clamps every rope component passing through it -, with a distinct tedency towards the helical form.

However, whatsoever stability, is gained by the " myrtle turn factor", which locks the nipping structure to some degree, preventing it from completely pry opening.

The way of collar formation is also chosen wisely, as a more effecting capturing of the nipping loop's crossing point, that leads to "a stable cowboy false". I mean, i am not sure how would a " Lee's link bowline collar formation" apply to this case, resulting skeptically in a more stable structure than this one.

One other approach, would be to insert the "myrtle locking mechanism" after forming the collar, but the myrtle's distributing tension wouldn't be enough or capable of countering SP's loading force and blocking nip's collapsing or slipping (according to my tests).

The TIB property is in force, if one threads the working end down through the collar structure channel, but i guess it is not desirable to load the knot with extra overhand complexity.

Yet, if we leave a rather large tail, we may double the knot and finish it with an extra eye and a second nipping loop, for a TIB, EEL, double false eyeknot final design product.
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Re: Unconventional eye knot.
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2021, 02:19:11 AM »
This is a very weir and unconventional eye knot, it look like bowline,
but is not bowline. I just call it False Bowline for now.
And I'd call it a "backside BWL" as it can hold enough
of a nipping loop (which wants to get more helical and
in such cases usually has a head start compared with
similar frontside BWL knots).
"Bowlinabowl" is how I've called the frontside BWL variation
(i.e., reverse the nipping turn's crossing point), which I think
is your Link BWL or something similar --one can make that
"end bound" wrapping with the tail either as a final tuck
extension or on the way in, as shown here.

...not sure how it will react on stiffer rope
Stiffer rope will be please that there are the three
diameters through the nipping turn!
As I've said before, though the one-turn-w/tail
knots here (Myrtle, bollard loop) need attention
to which way the tail-turn wraps (go with the nipping
turn's part on your side --i.e. with SPart in first case,
with outgoing eye leg in latter), just making the
2nd wrap w/tail gets one a better knot no matter
the direction first made, and that 3rd diameter.

Here, you wrap the *wrong* way, but then come
with the added collar.  (In looking, I'd try tucking
the tail out through both SPart & tail loops?!)

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