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The history of all knots
« on: March 15, 2020, 04:19:45 PM »
Hello, boys and girls! Excuse me if the topic had already been discussed here earlier. Sorry, I don't believe as if Sailing knots are the oldest. I don't believe in any "Egyptian" or "Phoenician" so-called "ancient" knots. It would be interesting to know who invented knots? Please, share your thoughts!

I assume that the oldest knot is "Overhand knot" what was tied with softened pine-tree roots to connect something together.

Then perhaps appeared "Noose" (abok #43 p.204) of birds hunters' tied with horse's hair. Fishermen didn't need any knots because they did hunt with a sharpened stake ashore. Clothes were made of animals' skin and wool not grass (linen or cotton or silk or even  nylon like today).

Then horses were domesticated and horsemen' knots appeared: Clove Hitch, Alpine Butterfly Knot, Cow Hitch. And fishermen gave: Fisherman's knot, Figure [of] Eight Knot, Overhand Bend.

Then weavers' craft appeared and Sheet Bend was invented. Weavers made nets tied with Sheet Bend for fishermen. Weavers made clothes, sheets, sails of linen later.

Then relatively recently nautical knots appeared when big ships with sails were invented. Seamen adopted Weaver's Knot (Sheet Bend) what became Bowline. "Sheet Bend" because seamen' hammocks were made of sheet (sail), isn't it? (Ashley also described the Sheet Knot to descent from the second floor along sheets tied with Square knot with two Overhand knots) Seamen added: Flemish Bend, Bowline.

Then Climbing appeared just 200 years ago and took all knots from seamen, horsemen, fishermen, weavers: Figure [of] Eight on a Bight, Figure [of] Eight Bend (Flemish Bend), Alpine Butterfly Knot, Grapevine (Double Fisherman's Knot), Clove Hitch, Prusik Hitch (Cow Hitch), Bowline.

I mean there is not any "ancient" knots but ancient occupation or craftsmanship: hunting and fishing > horsemen > weavers and seamanship > climbing > arboriculture and industrial climbing (today).


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Re: The history of all knots
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2020, 10:54:34 PM »
"History and Science of Knots" is a book that might be of interest to you.

Most knotting enthusiasts tend to refer to the "Ashley Book of Knots"

What I can say is that the history of any particular knot may be somewhat difficult to define with precision.
Obviously, there were no photos from ancient times - and I think the printing press wasn't invented until around 1440.

Also have a look at "Otzi" the ice man here:
Apparently researchers found #1410 (offset overhand bend) among his possessions...


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Re: The history of all knots
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Then Climbing appeared just 200 years ago
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