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Attn: Mods - Is "in-lining" your own attachments allowed?

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I just posted a thread in which I would've preferred to put the steps/photos in the body of the post - both to correct the alignment (keep portrait) and to allow them to be seen together (instead of having to open them one one at a time). However I do not have any on-line storage and don't wish to sign up for any (this is the only place on the internet where it would be useful to me).   

I've found that this is possible if I post them initially as attachments, then use their url in 'Insert Image' mode. Here's an example:

[Edit: Added a second image, and reduced both to half size (225x300) to see if they stack side-by-side or not. Answer: No.]
[Edit2: Try 180x240 for the first image]


Now ... is this OK? Or am I doubling the storage you have to allocate? I've taken it out of the original post for now.

If it's not OK, you can remove THIS post after answering (and giving me 24 hours to see it) so no one else discovers it.

Hi JonnC.

As long as he final picture post doesn?t exceed the Forum?s limits then all is fine.


And a nice big image that inlined one is!

IIRC, the system gives a max /total size that cannot be
reached by per-image <100kb sizes times limit of 4 --a nice puzzle.



--- Quote from: Dan_Lehman on February 26, 2021, 05:22:19 PM ---And a nice big image that inlined one is!

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I thought when I posted it that it was a tad bigger than I wanted or needed.

Experimentation reveals that manipulating the string can bring the displayed size down (but I doubt that it takes up less storage).

So, the example above was 450x600 and I edited it to be 225x300. You can still click on it and see it larger, but for a series of steps the smaller size would be much easier to take in.

Seems like there's no way to utilize the full width of the screen, either by having multiple images across or by having text beside instead of underneath the images. Not a big problem, but if anyone happens to know a way to achieve this, or comes across a post that has done it, let me know.


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