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Old forum data available?


I've seen links to the IGKT forum using yaBB, but they are to a version of the software that I believe was running before SMF. I presume that there was a changeover from one forum software to the other for the members in about 2005, but that means there were a couple years of yaBB posts. Is that information still available? I have interest in reading it. If even database dumps are around, then I could write tools to convert it to static HTML and they could still be hosted on the IGKT website.

Good day Fidian.

They only data that I can find that early is at*/, starting date 2002.
Good luck sifting through it all.
You might try contacting the website admin.


That was the first place I checked, which did give me some information about when the forum started and a list of some post titles, but none of the posts are actually indexed by the Wayback Machine.

I've taken your advice and tried to figure out who to contact. I didn't see a clear list of people and their roles, so I started the ball rolling by using the contact form on the IGKT website.

That?s the best route to try.
Let us know how it goes.



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