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--- Quote ---Please tell us about what you love or hate about the IGKT web site.

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What I love about this forum is its simple intuitive interface. Many would consider it old-fashioned, but I personally hate what's happening to much of the internet, including many forums, whereby sites become playpens and showcases for web developers to try out every "cool" technique that comes to their attention and which they want on their CV. Many of these "features" are irritating and reduce readability and usability.

I'll try to rein in this incipient rant, but I'm tending less and less to google things because the sites I land on will probably have flashing, sliding or animated features, or throw a SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER or CHAT WITH ADMIN window in my face while I'm trying to read text, or even give me just part of a solution to a problem, with reading the rest requiring registration. Worst of all is when my search term isn't even on the damn page (presumably somewhere in the meta-data I can't see).

Coming here is like "a cool glass of water to someone in hell" [Steve Jobs]. Just text arranged in a logical format. Everything I need in the way of formatting. Easy to create, easy to read. No animated crap. To quote another genius, Albert Einstein: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler".

Is it perfect then? No, but the irritations are few and easily worked around. The allowed image size is small and for some reason it doesn't know that a jpg and jpeg are equivalent, but this is a hobbyist forum with limited resources: I made a script on my phone to resize them, then I rename them - problem solved. When you preview, nothing seems to happen: you don't go straight to the preview - it's above what you typed (at least in my browser); but this only fools you the first time or after a long absence.

I seem to remember it's possible to lose one's post in some circumstances, but this is a general problem in any software - I try to remember to always copy to the clipboard before hitting "post".

All in all I would urge the guild to think very carefully before changing or even upgrading. In my view, this forum software is already near perfect.


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