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Re: Bowline Locked Variation
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I did notice that in all but one of your examples, when you start with a regular Bowline or Cowboy Bowline, you cross over the adjacent leg of the eye before re-inserting the free end back into the nipping loop.  Do you have some reason for not doing this in the Easy Lock #1010 (version 2) {Link 2 above}?

Ah, this looks good :: able to handle stiffer ropes
than some of the stuff being shown where rope
must make hard, 1-diameter turns!

When I tie this Easy Lock #1010, I do have the option for 1 or 2 rope dimeters. In this case, I prefer 1 rope dimeter (collar or loop) hidden in between the two eye legs. widened the two eye legs, so when you tie it to a big or small object you have no interference with the lock.

For the 2 rope dimeter lock, you have one more collar stuck outside of the nub. When you pull on a bigger object, it will loosen the lock some. (try your two hands and pull side way on the two legs) Actually, this is only a minus problem, but for me, I like to fine tune it the best I can (of course, sometimes I am right. Sometimes I am wrong too.) 

This is just a simple lock bowline not for rock climbing, only for general use. I believe nobody goes and buys a very expansive stiff rope for common use.
Also, very stiff rope is not good for most common knots.
So when you want to use this Easy Lock bowline, please just say no to stiff rope, that is all.
Thanks, alanleeknots.