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WKTD2023 - Chinese Button Taiji Rosette
« on: September 20, 2023, 03:16:13 AM »
I was playing with the rosette knots in John Halifax's Something Different for a project that I had hoped to start for World Knot Tying Day but failed yet again to meet that arbitrary deadline.  8)

I had tied the Chinese Button Rosette (p37) and was retying it from faulty memory and ended up with this (!!!) 🤯🤩  It's a yin yang (taiji) symbol that even has the dots!! ☯️🥰.  I'm calling it the Chinese Button Taiji Rosette Knot.  Start with a flattened version of the Chinese Button Knot (纽扣結. 纽扣结, 玉結び, 연봉매듭) then pull the ends through as shown, tuck the ends down around the perimetre of the knot (twice) then flip over and cross the ends under the centre bar again.

Images including how to here:
Other Something Different knots here including the original Chinese Button Rosette:

Note: 6th posting attempt, different subject, modification test 28
Post Mortem:  cutting and pasting my original post saved to MacOS Notes consistently caused a database error.  The above text was a combination of retyping and occasional cutting and pasting based on the assumption that the emojis or something I wasn't seeing was causing the database error.  No real idea what the problem is/was.
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