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Adjustable Terminal Eye Build
« on: April 02, 2023, 05:55:43 PM »
Have used this for lighter utility loads for years and then some truck pulls actually too very nicely in more flexibles that can seat to their own ROUND diameter. 
Kinda drop a stitch from/less of a true Prohaska/Blake's
>>so also is as a more minimized version of more viewable works and degraded to utility class
Have internally always thought of it as a a half-pro,
>>can be easier (smaller diameter materials )to make but not as broad a powerband of force, utility nor security as the trusty full bull version
>>from eye after SPart side stay loose except with RT, screw down as bottle cap
>>then WE(Working End) reaches down(arc after RT rolls out) and traces thru to get pinched to opposing face against load/SPart leg.

Note some slipping in stiffers where the RT of 3x arc180 of radian PI;
when the arcs form a linear list trace like a rack only the rack portion is less Tensioned Rigidity than the SPart tracing thru.
>>lighter duty okay, truck pull slides from the kinda one sided tresse is not up to par
But if the 3x arc180s seat as a radial list of arcs like on capstan and the RT workhorse is screwed tight
>>'jam nut' as anti-creep for RT can be looser below the RT and work quite well
>>of c(o)urse higher or dynamic loadings can vary mileage on how far can take that.

Then from here perhaps can envision Adjustable Hitch as more 'top fed' RT workhorse with different kind of 'terminal jam nut' finish.  But over and over RT is the real hero topped off with an anti-creep jam stabizer and a pre-fix buffering load and dynamic hits into RT.
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