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Cow with key high nip
« on: April 24, 2023, 11:02:18 AM »
About 2 decades ago Cow w/Better Half was a rage/seemed fashionable.
i came up with this and used it well, usually make the tail /Bitter End a slip, but just for more bulky spacer to the top nip
>>as i also consider the previous 'twirls' as spacers to final nip in Timber finished at top of 'hill'
The slip as the Half Hitch forms both are not used for their general purposes, but rather to maintain the control leg/output crossed under the Standing Part/input and then in the high nip position.  It does this 'early' in lacing, way before BE(Bitter End) and then almost again, but still in premium position on BE.
Forces seating to host, that we use for frictions, nips and grips, are determined by the radial/clock position from the input/Standing Part direction.
From a 6o'clock directional(so linear) input, TDC/noon gives the greatest downward seating pressure
>>where we find 2x in pulley*.

Would think someone else tripped over same pattern, but not seen that i remember.

From 6oclock pull TDC/noon is greatest DOWNWARD seating for frictions, nips and grips 2 xTension Xcos1=200#
not shown:
>>my theory extends to 45o from TDC/noon at 10:30 and 1:30 as most COLLECTIVE force seating,
>>cos and sine both .707 >>find 2 xTension(from apex/TDC) x .707 downward + 1 xTension x .707 inward =212.1# total
So i see 'artic cap' of cold clamping down pressure between 10.30 - 1:30 as target.
Seems that would make position in ABoK Sailor Hitch very purposefully not at TDC/noon..
ABoK Lesson# 0465/pg.076:  "Sailor's Hitch"/un-named [/url}
Pull from right side counter clockwise, nip at 10:30 of great nip and then if walks, would have to do going from less downward pressure, to MORE downward pressure.  If nip at TDC/noon greatest downward pressure , and works a bit it is towards relief of less downward pressure, but fighting side pressure increase tho.  Thanks again Mr. Ashley !
This is rope work, and nip position(s) are key.
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