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Scaffold Handcuffs


I'm sure someone has tied it before, but I can't find an example.  This is a modification of the Scaffold (or Poacher's, with two wraps) noose (#1120) where the last tuck is slipped and the construct resembles the Handcuff Knot (#1134) with two splayed noose-like loops and has similar functionality, but I think it's a better knot. 

Just like the Handcuff Knot, it can be locked (but again I think more securely) with half-hitches of the tails around the base of each loop, or tying up the tails with a double overhand (first half of the Surgeon's knot).

Thinking of handcuffs...  I was thinking that maybe there is a knot that would self-lock sufficiently well not to require locking half-hitches or the like.

Here is an idea: since the HFP Slippery 8 Loop starts from a Fig. 8 stopper, which is symmetrical, a second splayed loop can be formed by weaving the S-Part (now the second tail) back into the Fig. 8 from the other side, in the same fashion...

That's in theory, but it doesn't seem to work too well for me...  I think that with two loops, pulling in opposite directions the Sippery 8 U-turn toggle on which it relays may not work for either one.  Maybe there is some other construct that would toggle-lock both loops better?

p.s. I took the liberty of blatantly copying Roo's image for the background of this sketch.

I found the first one (but not this use for it): #1113.

Actually not: what I sketched is not the same as #1113.  The former has two tails, one for each independent loop, the latter has one tail that draws both loops (also only one tail to lock both loops, but less control in adjusting their size individually as the loops communicate).


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