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"Crossed" double pile hitch

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Greetings all, been a while. Hope you are all happy and well.

Was refreshing my memory on a few knots recently, thumbing through ABOK.
Was also looking for any knots that are easy to tie and untie.

The humble pile hitch caught my eye but it's pretty loose so looked around for variations that might be better.
Could only really find doubled and tripled versions online but they're still a bit loose.
I ended up crossing the double and found that it draws up and binds quite nicely, even in 3 strand polypropylene.
The extra crossing parts seem to give it what it was missing.

Has anyone seen or used this variation? Somebody will have tied this somewhere in the past, no doubting that.
Anyway, hope it may be of interest or even of some use.
Pics attached - forgotten how to embed them in post.

EDIT:- Uploaded better pics. I goofed when sizing them - was looking at working size, not file size.

Thanks for posting. I'll have a look when I get a chance.

It seems my problem in posting is that there is a size/text limit. So I will post in segments.

Now had a chance to play with this.

I've never really noticed the pile hitch, even though I'm very fond of hitches. Perhaps it's because I don't suffer from piles (I never have piles of books or clothes lying around).

You're right that the standard pile hitch is very loose ... but that's in small stuff that we are using to entertain ourselves


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