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5x4 ring knot inversion to decorative lanyard knot



coin knot
diamond circle knot
a decorative lanyard knot by inversion from 5x4 ring knot
there are hundreds of possible knots that can be formed from 5-lead x 4-bight ring knots inverted to decorative lanyard knots
new knot
developed by alana forest australia 2023
practise til it's pretty

video only - no audio - turn on SUBTITLES / cc

last year, 2022, i wanted to see what happens when you turn a 5x4 2-pass [uuoo] ring knot (mat) 'inside out';
this is it;
you can invert 5x4 mats of other weave patterns, i.e uouo, uuou. 
you can invert 3x4 mats, as well as 7x4 mats.
there's hundreds, but simpler and fewer is just best.

it's world knot tying day this month, september.


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