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ring knot inversions to decorative lanyard knots

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could be new,
decorative lanyard knots
from inverted ring knots (mats)

happy world knot tying month, for september 18 !

How did I not know that you had a Youtube channel before???  Subscribed now.  8)

Most of the plafond knot variants that I have in my archives are ice flower (interlaced overhand) based.

Here's some square/rectangular variants (

Here's one I'm trying to decipher (

For knots that are more THK based, look to lock knots (锁结).  I've made a few but not enough to understand the root characteristics in order to make original variations.

After a quick googling, there is pretty much nothing in English on lock knots.  Here's one of my series on lock knots on Instagram (

Here's some lock knot based eye candy (

This one is closer to what you are doing (

Here's a really clear instruction set for the 6 eared lock knot (

These 2 explicitly make the connection between THK and lock knots (,

thanks, KnotMe,
and organising the links for ease of viewing
pretty things

take care,

mooore 5x4 ring knot (mat) inversions to decorative lanyard knots,
knot board,

could also be classed as practical knots, being lanyard knots, although they often are better off without a lot of weight applied...
with a decorative shoulder lanyard (knot), there isnt too much weight applied when in use, though.

the 4 bights naturally form quatrefolic shapes,
reminded me of persimmon flowers,
so the board and colours are persimmon tree themed.

i put the board together one afternoon, and in the morning when i first saw it, i wondered how the tray of ravioli got there.

other shapes include dots, diamond, square, circle, floral;
forms might include plafond, bead, medallion, button, gemstone, ... whimsy ...

the finished knots usually have a front and a back,
unless the mat was split and inverted perfectly through the middle, e.g like the coin knot video/ pic

3mm poly cord cover braided in australia

Not enough resolution to read the tags.   :(


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