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is there a better mechanism than this to report problems to the webmaster?  Perhaps under help?

In any case, tried to post to Fancy and Decorative Knotwork but got a database error, then when attempting again it said You've already posted.  Refreshing the main list page does not show the new post, so since it is also a tutorial, tried posting to Fancy Knotwork Tutorials the same error, you've already posted  sequence.  Not sure what's going on.  Hope I haven't repeated myself 4 times.  8)

Have resolved my issue via making a new post (with new title in case the database was tracking based on titles) and slowly modifying the post bit by bit.  When a pasted chunk caused errors, I retyped directly into the text field for a bit then tried pasting the next chunk that I didn't want to try to retype (like the links, emojis, or CJKV).  All of the content is now there. 

Copying text from my successful post on the forum, I was able to create a new post via paste all in one go with no errors.  Couldn't remove it afterwards tho.  Sorry.

alright, i think i had the same error message when attempting to reply in a post;
it seemingly turned out to be a keyboard symbol (i wont be able to post it!),
the mathematical "x" ('times' sign),
rather than the letter x,

all kinds of languages seem to work fine! 
test arabic العربية 

samsung keyboard. the 'plus' and 'divide' symbols are also prohibitive,
the '=' symbol works


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