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don't cut what can be untied - relationship, attachment, etc


separating ourselves from other people are commonly described as 'cutting ties' and, well, that really hurts.
i think it's in the cutting that causes half the pain. just untie.
let us just consider untying what has been tied, instead of cutting.
cutting is harsh. severing is severe.
and the whole point of cords is that they can be untied and reused!

so... as i untie from unhealthy attachments - some people, possessions, obsessions - this is freeing and healthy.
personal example: i can then re-tie - to God; reconnect with God; reconnect all cords to God... so i still have the people in my life, still connected, now via God, which is better all round.

of course things being tied and tied up have / had an initial purpose; just, use knots  that can be untied in the first place; they can be strong and secure, as well as able to be untied.
if the ties no longer have the initial purpose due to change, just untie,
reuse the cords.
not always simple, but i hope this helps.


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