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Global list of knot index in books


I collect knot names in knot books (preferably  russian).
so it's possible find forgotten knots OR on how much knot count growing up by years OR generate Pivot table
1865____25______Паукер А. Англійская Морская Хрестоматія
1908____28______Bandrewitch Ansis. Anglo-Russian-Lettish Marine Dictionary of merchants Shipping and technical Sea-terms
1911____38______Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 15, 1911.
1912____10______Davis, Charles G. Harper's boating book for boys; a guide to motor boating, sailing, canoeing and rowing
1917____212_____Hyatt Verrill A. Knots, Splices and Rope Work
1944____2643____Clifford W. Ashley. The Ashley Book of Knots
1955____29______TM 30-544 Glossary of soviet military terminology
1961____260_____HARLES E. GIBSON Handbook of Knots and Splices
1988____72______Mario Bigon, Guido Regazzoni Morrow The Morrow Guide to Knots for Sailing, Fishing...
1993____91______Fry, Eric C. The Shell Combined Book of Knots and Ropework
1993____89______Walter B. Gibson Knots and How to Tie Them
1996____172_____History and Science of Knots (K. & E series on knots and everything : vol. 11)
2004____275_____Geoffrey Budworth The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework: Over 200 Tying Techniques with Step-by-Step
2004____221_____Des Pawson Handbook of Knots, 2004
2007____47______Andrew Adamides KNOTS An illustrated practical guide to the essential knot types and their uses
2011____60______Lenzen J.D. Decorative Fusion Knots
I would be grateful if you could provide knot indexes from not exsist books.

Here's a link to an 1891-2 published series of articles
in Work magazine by L.L. HasLOPE; this work was
later issued as a book by Paul Nooncreen HasLUCK
in 1904/5, just slightly edited (e.g., PNH omitted the
Hangman's Noose which LLH had).

which is I see viewable on-line here, from some book'd collection of the articles?:  [<--1st page of series]


ps : Your knot-count for Ashley's Book of Knots is too
high, per my own counting --1,932 is what I got.


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