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Lee's Super 8 Loop

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         Hi All,
                 WOW !!!  Eventually, I found a great figure eight knot loop. Very happy Awesome !
                  Hope you like my work like I do. alan lee.


Hi All, I have two loops here, one is Lee's Super 8 Loop (Reversed version)
         The next one I don't know what to call it yet. Three rope diameter in the nipping loop, and so do
         second collar, another good thing is the second collar (round turn cross over point) is nipped
         by the main nipping loop.
         It is a compact knot. have one quick test I am safe to said it is jam resistant. and easy to untie.
         This is not a sloppy loop, deep in my heart I have to say this is the best out the for now. Of Couse I am not
         a rock climber, just left it to you guys. Thanks alanlee.

           Hi All, there are many more variations of this figure 8 loop, I like this simplest 8 loop

           Dec 24,2023 ;   Hi All , Just add another loop here, making it easy to compare these two loop.
                                   This new loop here, I don't know what to call it yet. It is a smooth, compact,
                                    simple, beautiful knot. Have a very nice collar near the standing part.
                                    It seemed like adding another tuck to the tail might make it great.

i'm a fan of 'simpler',
but the super 8 is pretty
(also important ☺) 


   alana thanks for your reply, I am glad you like it.


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