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KnotMaker 2.3
« on: January 20, 2024, 12:14:36 AM »
KnotMaker is a free software program for drawing knots, with a wide variety of features and numerous ways for each user to customize the look and feel of the program to their individual taste. It was designed to work in Windows 7 and above, but possibly it will run under Wine ( for other operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and BSD.

KnotMaker v2.3.2 is now available at

This version fixes several bugs:
1. Saving a new drawing caused an error, which is now fixed.
2. Opening an existing drawing caused an error for some people (although it worked fine for me - weird), which is now fixed.
3. Double-clicking a .KM (KnotMaker) file to open KnotMaker caused an error, which is now fixed.

It also adds one enhancement:
1. The Layer Inspector (read only mode) icon is now a toggle. I wish I had thought of that earlier!

Dave Root